Unlimited Telemedicine (on-line visits and video visits) is included free with all of our age based regular membership plans. For patients who want to be seen only virtually, we offer 3 different types of on-line treatment plans. For more information, click on the button above to reach us directly and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our Telemedicine plans. 
  1. Telemedicine one-time treatment: We offer one-time treatments via telemedicine for certain medical conditions for a one time treatment fee of $89 subject to our discretion. This does not require enrollment in a membership plan. The pharmacy used must be in Texas.
Current conditions treated via telemedicine for our one-time treatment fee include:
  • Travel clinic consultation- for travel prophylaxis medications and vaccines
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Smoking cessation
  • Birth control
  • Acne
  • Skin aging
  • Eyelash thinning
  • Male hair loss
  • Medication refills
  1. Telemedicine Focused Membership: We offer a telemedicine membership plan for certain medical conditions that can be treated remotely via telemedicine subject to our discretion.  Patients must reside in Texas. Cost is $50/month + the one-time registration fee Note that only 1 condition can be treated via this membership plan. Patients who require the treatment of several different conditions or who want continued telemedicine access for other conditions that may arise will have to enroll in our Telemedicine Primary Care Membership Plan.
Examples of conditions we treat via our telemedicine membership are:
  • ADHD medication management- Note that we do not diagnose ADHD. Patients must present proof of previous diagnosis. Acceptable forms of proof include documentation of diagnostic evaluation and medical records from a psychiatrist. At the initial visit, we will evaluate appropriateness for management via telemedicine. All patients will have their prescription history reviewed via the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program Website.
  • HIV PREP prescription management.
  • Depression and Anxiety management.
  • Obesity treatment
  • Others- Ask us.
  1. Telemedicine Primary Care Membership: This membership plan is for patients who desire unlimited access to telemedicine for primary care, preventative screenings and the management of any medical conditions that can be safely and effectively handled via telemedicine. It does NOT include the treatment of conditions that we deem cannot be safely handled virtually. In that case, the patients will be directed to come in for an in-office evaluation and will be billed a visit fee for the in-office visit.  Cost is $75/month + the one-time registration fee.
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