Employer Membership

Many small businesses continue to struggle with the rising costs of health insurance for their employees annually. Up until recently, there have not been any real solutions that allow small business owners to manage these costs without compromising the quality of health care they provide to their employees. A solution to this problem which is rapidly gaining popularity is starting with a foundation of Direct Primary Care and combining it with the best option for your company which may be a health share, a high deductible insurance plan, a self- funded or level funded health insurance plan and several other options.

By starting with Direct Primary Care as the foundation and combining it with the best coverage option for your company, you can keep your employees healthier, avoid large employee out of pocket costs while also reducing health insurance premiums and providing your employees with high quality healthcare all at the same time.

Why Partner with us?

Traditional health insurance benefits brokers who sell fully funded traditional health insurance plans do not have a financial incentive to provide information about this solution.

There are only a few benefits advisors who have the knowledge and financial incentive to package these alternative solutions for small business owners with Direct Primary Care as the foundation. However, many of them are only able to provide one or two options at most depending on what they sell.

  1. You will know all your options and choose the best option for your business. At Katy Premier Primary Care, we have relationships with several different benefits advisors, and we do not have any financial relationships with any of them so you will get access to all possible combinations of options for your business with Direct Primary Care as the foundation.

  2. Highly experienced Physicians. Your employees will have access to our highly experienced physicians. For members who do not live close by our Katy office, we partner with other specially selected Direct Primary Care physicians in the Houston area to provide excellent healthcare to your employees.

For more information about how we can help you manage your small business’s rising health insurance costs, contact us via the link below, by phone call at (281) 978-2624 or at [email protected]

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