Our Practice

Our Practice

Katy Premier Primary Care was founded by Dr. Chinelo Okoye with the sole purpose of providing primary care the way it is supposed to be. Our priority is the doctor-patient relationship which is the key component of the direct primary care model (DPC).

With the DPC model, you will have a direct relationship with your physician and pay a low monthly membership fee for primary care services with no insurance involvement. In addition, DPC doctors work to save patients money by finding them the least expensive options for their care. Also, by separating patient care from traditional insurance, DPC eliminates insurance red tape and allows doctors to focus solely on taking care of their patients. DPC will allow you to receive excellent, timely and convenient medical care while saving you money.

A membership in Katy Premier Primary Care is perfect for everyone including people with great insurance who want better access to high quality healthcare, people with no insurance, people with high deductible health insurance plans, members of health share ministries and small business owners/self- employed people who want to lower their healthcare costs or the healthcare costs of their employees.

  • Enjoy easy, convenient, timely access to your doctor in a manner that works for you. Imagine being able to reach your doctor right when you have a need! Get seen in office or via telemedicine by phone call, text or virtual video visits. By keeping the number of enrolled patients low, your doctor is more available for you when you need care.
  • No insurance red tape.
  • Same day or next day appointments.
  • Extended visits as needed- 30 mins to 1 hour or more.
  • Unlimited office or virtual visits with no additional fees and no copays.
  • Deeply discounted labs and imaging (often less than what you pay with insurance).
  • Minor diagnostic tests and procedures done in the office at no extra cost.
  • Coordination with specialists as needed.

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