Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission

Welcome to Katy Premier Primary Care, a direct primary care practice where we arededicated to providing our patients with high quality, personalized primary care at an affordable price. Our model is simple. We offer direct, high quality primary care to our patients all for one low monthly membership fee.

We serve patients who have insurance but need or want better access to care, patients who are uninsured, self- funded employers, patients with high deductible insurance plans and patients participating in a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Health Sharing Plan.  Whatever your need may be, Katy Premier Primary Care is here for you.


At Dominion Primary Care, our mission is simple – to provide great care to help you stay healthy. Whether you’re coming in for a regular checkup or acute care, our philosophy is to keep you well with a dedicated staff that will take care of your needs. We also limit the number of patients enrolled to ensure we always have same day or next day access.

Under the Direct Primary Care model you will have a one on one relationship with your physician, and we are available whenever you need us via phone, text, email. We are also mindful of how expensive health care can be and try to keep your costs low by providing in clinic procedures at no additional cost, as well as wholesale pricing on labs and imaging as part of your benefits. This is important and favorable for patients who have high deductible plans, are participating in an HSA or Health Sharing plan, or who have no insurance coverage.

Our goal is to provide health care services that provide value, great customer service, and help you ensure you are receiving the care you need. Schedule a free consultation today to learn about the benefits of being a patient of Dominion Primary Care.

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